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Small Business Ownership

small-business-owner-traits-infographicYou’ve never owned a business before, but you have spent many hours dedicating your time to working for someone else – often putting in long hours, making tough decisions, and managing clients as well as co-workers … you, my friend, are a manager.  A person who has demonstrated that they are trustworthy and valuable to the business.  As a manager, you are probably compensated fairly well as your employer knows that you are one of their best assets, but you are still an employee making an hourly wage or salary.
Maybe it is time to consider taking control and being your own boss, since many of the tasks that you are currently doing to benefit your employer could be benefiting you in an abundance of ways (e.g. tax liabilities, personal growth, financial independence, etc.).

Maybe you’ve never considered yourself an entrepreneur, or maybe you have thought about it and wondered if it was something that you could be successful at, so let’s look at some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur:

  • Comfortable taking risks and making tough decisions
  • Self-motivated
  • Willing and able to put in long hours
  • Make decisions independently
  • Persuasive – can recruit others to both catch & believe in their vision, goals, products, & decisions
  • A good negotiator
  • Flexible – able to change course and adapt to unexpected changes when necessary
  • Creative
  • Knowledgeable about the field, industry, or endeavor they enter
  • Has cultivated a support network of business mentors and peers

Does this sound like you, but not sure of where to start?
Franchise opportunities, like Jani-King, offer a proven plan to help small business entrepreneurs succeed in the marketplace.  The relatively low cost of entry without the burden of building out a retail establishment allows for an entrepreneur with a small budget to enter business ownership.  Building a business through Jani-King gives you access to a team of people with your best interest in mind and a resource to draw upon, be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

For janitorial franchise opportunities, please contact your local Regional Office: Jani-King of Baltimore

Replace or Refinish Flooring in Poor Condition?

|| Replace or Refinish Flooring in Poor Condition? ||
This is a common question Jani-King encounters often.
jkns_floorcarebeforeDid you know that depending on the condition of the floors, some elbow grease and the use of high-end products & equipment might be all that’s needed to bring them back to life?
Ed McNamara and his team at Jani-King of Nova Scotia were called in to help with post-construction clean for a facility in Halifax. As you can tell from the before photo, the floors had seen better days.
Enter Jani-King’s floor care specialists.
The team worked hard to restore the appearance and finish of the flooring. Have a look at the after photos, and you won’t believe you’re looking at the same floors!
If your facility has floors in less than presentable condition, give Jani-King’s floor care specialists a call today for a no obligation quote.jkns_floorcareafter
To contact your local office, simply visit today!

Jani-King of Vancouver Drafts BC Lion, Geroy Simon

jkvan_geroysimonFor the last five years, Jani King Of Vancouver Island has been involved with the BC Lions Draft-A-Lion program, which partners local businesses with a BC Lion teammate.
This year Jani-King is excited to be partnered with former CFL All-Star and long-time BC Lions player, Geroy Simon.
Simon is a retired professional Canadian football slotback who played 15 seasons in the CFL, 12 of them with the British Columbia Lions. He is a six-time CFL All-Star and seven-time West Division All-Star and was the legaue’s Most Outstanding Player in 2006 after posting career-highs in both receptions and yards.
2016-17 marks Geroy’s second season as a member of the BC Lions’ football operations staff – serving as a mentor to current players and valued ambassador for the club.
Jani-King looks forward to the upcoming season and working with Geroy and the BC Lions on family-focused community events.

Jani-King Turns in Gold Medal Performance at Rio 2016

Before athletes arrived and long into the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Jani-King franchisees and their crews continue to turn in winning performances day-in and day-out. As the primary cleaning vendor for the Broadcast Villas, which includes four buildings and over 6700 rooms, and an assisting vendor for multiple facilities in the Olympic Village, Jani-King has proved once again why its people and program are among the best in the

Initially, Jani-King of Brazil was awarded cleaning contracts for the broadcast village and for a management team to oversee all cleaning and waste removal for the Olympics.  As the games began and overwhelming needs in other facilities were realized, Rio 2016 management called on Jani-King to assist other vendors by supplying additional labor and management.  In fact, Jani-King received significant recognition from Rio 2016 organizers for stepping up and helping to make these games a great success.

Just as impressive as the athletes themselves, the numbers that Jani-King put up throughout the games are worthy of gold medals.  Here’s the breakdown of Jani-King’s winning cleaning performance:

Broadcast Villa 1, 1600 rooms, 225 cleaning crew members

Broadcast Villa 2, 1600 rooms, 225 cleaning crew members

Broadcast Villa 3, 1600 rooms, 225 cleaning crew members

Broadcast Villa 4, 1900 rooms, 250 cleaning crew members

Olympic Village, common area cleaning of 7 buildings, 60 cleaning crew members

Olympic Village SWAT, 31 18-story buildings, 50 cleaning crew members (emergency and special request cleaning)

Olympic Village, 4 buildings, 144 cleaning crew members (all housekeeping including rooms, beds, linens and towels)

Management Team, housed in Rio 2016 HQ, 50 management team members (assisted with logistics, planning and daily management of all trash and waste removal)


Jani-King of Brazil was able to pull off this spectacular cleaning performance through the hard work and dedication of Jani-King International, local regional office personnel, franchise owners and their workers.  Jani-King’s previous success in cleaning at the Pan-Am games and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil certainly produced an effective plan for efficient cleaning and management of the 2016 Olympic Games.  Congratulations to Jani-King of Brazil for your gold medal performance in Rio!snip_20160825150023

Jani-King of Baton Rouge puts a wrap on the 2016 Baseball Season at Alex Box Stadium

Two years ago, Baton Rouge Franchise Owners Terry Brown and his wife Dorothy looked out at the expansive stands in LSU’s Alex Box Stadium and asked themselves,

what have we gotten ourselves into?

Two full seasons into cleaning Alex Box Stadium, there are many nights that the Browns look at each other and still ask the same questions, but they know when it’s all said and done they can stand in that same spot of the stadium and say,

look what we did!

alexbox-768x768LSU Baseball has one of the most rabid fan followings in all of college baseball. In the 2016 season, Terry and Dorothy cleaned up behind 433,783 people. That is an average of 10,580 people per game. Needless to say that’s a whole lot of peanuts, popcorn, and cracker jacks to sweep up. How do they do it? “Teamwork and organization,” says Terry. “We have to have all 20 to 30 people per night working together to accomplish our goal.” That goal is to have Alex Box looking good as new for the next night’s game. That is the standard for the LSU Facilities Department and their fans. Terry, Dorothy, and their team delivered night-after-night for the past four months.

The Browns and their team are faced with many challenges each game, from lightning and rain storms to long nights after game delays. They met each game’s challenge head-on with the enthusiasm that has helped grow their franchise to one of the largest in the Baton Rouge Region. While the LSU Baseball team may not have reached their goal of making it to the College World Series, Terry and Dorothy are reaching their goals every day in growing their franchise and carrying the Jani-King flag with pride.

Owning Your Own Franchise Could Take You to the Top!

Image of a young businessman who sits on the top of the mountain on the background of the beautiful mountains and relaxing

Approaching a crossroads in your career is normal.

You can choose to either continue on the current path, or go in a different direction completely.
There are a few signs that you may need to change it up; maybe you dread going to work every single day, aren’t making enough money, or can no longer handle answering to a demanding boss.
Most importantly, if the unhappiness you experience at work is spilling into other areas of your life, it is definitely time for a change.
Starting a cleaning franchise could be your way out!
When you decide to take part in a cleaning franchise, you are becoming a part of something that has already been proven to be successful — if you choose a successful cleaning company.
Unlike starting a company from scratch, the processes, equipment and support are already in place.
You will be joining a group of people who at one time were in the same position as you, but are now enjoying the fruits of the choice they made.
These owners and other members of the company have already made all the critical decisions that keep business thriving, from product selection to marketing. They’ll also guide you through every step of setting up your own business.
The need for clean will never fade.
If you have reached a crossroads in your career, becoming the owner of a cleaning franchise could change your life forever — for the better.
We invite you to become a part of the success we’ve built and continue to foster by joining the Jani-King family today!

The Easiest Business You’ll Ever Start

For anyone who’s been brave enough to start their own business from scratch, we applaud you.
Much like fighting off a bear with a stick, starting a business may be one of the scariest and hair-raising things you’ll ever do.
But thanks to bear-fighting entrepreneurs like you, businesses around the world are thriving and helping others succeed.

One industry that makes starting a business as easy as possible is franchising. Backed by decades of proven success stories and pro-franchise organizations like the International Franchise Association (IFA), franchising has become the go-to opportunity for new business ownership.

Why is investing in a franchise easier than fighting off a bear by yourself?
The franchisor has fought off hundreds of bears already, they know how to help you overcome obstacles and how to keep you going down the right path to avoid more bear attacks.

13226770_10155008469880620_1317911950167156337_n|| Enough with the bears. Let’s talk business. ||

Owning a franchise with a proven brand means that you’ll get all of the answers you need before you even get started.
It means that you’ll receive training, support, and access to a system of fellow franchisees that are making it work just like you can.
Franchise companies have experts in their field that provide their experience, knowledge, and leadership in helping you to become the best business owner you can be.

When you take the time to really look at what it takes to start your own business, know that there are franchise companies who have helped hundreds or even thousands of entrepreneurs to get started. And it doesn’t stop there. A reputable franchisor will support and guide you through years of business growth by continuing to grow their programs and build better sticks.


Have additional questions, or are you ready to join the Jani-King family?
We’d love to talk with you directly, please call our local office or fill out this form – and someone will contact you shortly!

Jani-King is Ranked Number 1 Global Cleaning Franchise

13226757_1366867886664009_2596011128707829872_n|| Did You Know? ||

Jani-King is ranked number 1 global cleaning franchise.

Jani-King has ranked at number 1 for cleaning franchises and number 14 overall in the Franchise Direct Ranking of the 100 Global Franchises.

There are hundreds of franchising business out there, so this position is an important reflection on how Jani-King operates both in terms of its contract clients and its franchisees.

This list is the foremost, research-only based ranking of global franchise businesses and uses a methodology that goes beyond system size and financial performance.
The ranking is compiled by taking a host of criteria, giving each criterion a weighted value to make the final ranking as data driven and objective as possible.
The franchises that comprise the top 100 were ranked using objective and measurable criteria, which include:

-System size based on numbers of units
-Revenue for the system
-Stability and growth
-Number of years in operation
-Market expansion
-Best practices in the areas of franchisee support and training
-Environmental policy
-Social responsibility

Franchise Direct has also compiled a list of key features that describe a Top 100 business and these include: a well-defined business identity, a clear business plan, a commitment to training and support, sensitivity to environmental issues, and the ability to innovate to keep pace with ever-changing social and economic conditions.
All of these things are applied in more than one country by acquiring the necessary cultural sensitivities.

Jani-King is particularly proud to feature highly in this list, because we value the recognition it offers for the commitment and investment that has gone into developing Jani-King as the world’s leading commercial cleaning franchise.


Jani-King Partners with Daytona

Daytona_International_Speedway_logo.svg_ DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Daytona Int’l Speedway has announced a multi-year partnership with Jani-King, the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company.

As part of the partnership, Jani-King will serve as the Official Cleaning Company of Daytona Int’l Speedway and the Daytona 500.

The partnership enables Jani-King to be associated with the historic 2016 Daytona 500, the first to be held at the Speedway’s new motorsports stadium (as part of the DAYTONA Rising project). Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Jani-King and Daytona International Speedway announce a multi-year partnership

Through the partnership, Jani-King will receive brand exposure via sponsor signage at the “World Center of Racing” and the ability to use the DIS and event marks for promotional purposes. In addition, Jani-King will receive corporate hospitality opportunities for entertaining guests during Speedweeks.

“We are excited about developing this new partnership with Jani-King,” said Daytona Int’l Speedway President Joie Chitwood III. “The Daytona 500 in 2016 will be a historic event and Jani-King’s services will be critical as we welcome guests to experience the new motorsports stadium for the first time.”

“Daytona Int’l Speedway is an icon of the sports world and with the $400 million DAYTONA Rising redevelopment project, Jani-King is excited to have been selected as the Official Cleaning Company,” said Jerry Crawford, CEO & President of Jani-King Int’l. “We are proud of our reputation for providing the best cleaning program at many of the world’s finest stadiums, and we are ready for the opportunity to partner with Daytona Int’l Speedway to unveil their new facility and continue to keep it pristine throughout the year.”

JANI-KING: Forty Years of Customer Satisfaction

Jani-King has been providing excellent customer satisfaction for 40 years.
Jani-King has been providing excellent customer satisfaction for 40 years.

Over the last 40 years, Jani-King has grown to 120 offices, making it the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company. Despite their growth, Jani-King never loses sight of how they became the “King of Clean”. Mastering every aspect of the industry, Jani-King attributes much of the success to their hard working employees and loyal clients.


By giving every member of their business the resources they need to meet and exceed individual goals, Jani-King has created a cooperative, enthusiastic and successful atmosphere that clients love to be a part of. This helps them fulfill their mission, which is set on providing customers a level of service that exceeds industry standards.


Fully equipped and trained to work in environments of all types, expert cleaning crews provide janitorial services fit for unique business needs. Using eco-friendly products and a well-respected double check system, Jani-King offers the services every business needs to maintain a respectable environment – for both employees and clients.

I am pleased with the service that we are receiving from Jani-King. The cleaning crew is professional, respectful and responsible. – Lisa A., Bright Horizons

To learn more about customer satisfaction, contact Jani-King directly or send a note before leaving the website.