Replace or Refinish Flooring in Poor Condition?

|| Replace or Refinish Flooring in Poor Condition? ||
This is a common question Jani-King encounters often.
jkns_floorcarebeforeDid you know that depending on the condition of the floors, some elbow grease and the use of high-end products & equipment might be all that’s needed to bring them back to life?
Ed McNamara and his team at Jani-King of Nova Scotia were called in to help with post-construction clean for a facility in Halifax. As you can tell from the before photo, the floors had seen better days.
Enter Jani-King’s floor care specialists.
The team worked hard to restore the appearance and finish of the flooring. Have a look at the after photos, and you won’t believe you’re looking at the same floors!
If your facility has floors in less than presentable condition, give Jani-King’s floor care specialists a call today for a no obligation quote.jkns_floorcareafter
To contact your local office, simply visit today!

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