Jani-King Turns in Gold Medal Performance at Rio 2016

Before athletes arrived and long into the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio, Jani-King franchisees and their crews continue to turn in winning performances day-in and day-out. As the primary cleaning vendor for the Broadcast Villas, which includes four buildings and over 6700 rooms, and an assisting vendor for multiple facilities in the Olympic Village, Jani-King has proved once again why its people and program are among the best in the world.rio-olympics-jani-king2

Initially, Jani-King of Brazil was awarded cleaning contracts for the broadcast village and for a management team to oversee all cleaning and waste removal for the Olympics.  As the games began and overwhelming needs in other facilities were realized, Rio 2016 management called on Jani-King to assist other vendors by supplying additional labor and management.  In fact, Jani-King received significant recognition from Rio 2016 organizers for stepping up and helping to make these games a great success.

Just as impressive as the athletes themselves, the numbers that Jani-King put up throughout the games are worthy of gold medals.  Here’s the breakdown of Jani-King’s winning cleaning performance:

Broadcast Villa 1, 1600 rooms, 225 cleaning crew members

Broadcast Villa 2, 1600 rooms, 225 cleaning crew members

Broadcast Villa 3, 1600 rooms, 225 cleaning crew members

Broadcast Villa 4, 1900 rooms, 250 cleaning crew members

Olympic Village, common area cleaning of 7 buildings, 60 cleaning crew members

Olympic Village SWAT, 31 18-story buildings, 50 cleaning crew members (emergency and special request cleaning)

Olympic Village, 4 buildings, 144 cleaning crew members (all housekeeping including rooms, beds, linens and towels)

Management Team, housed in Rio 2016 HQ, 50 management team members (assisted with logistics, planning and daily management of all trash and waste removal)


Jani-King of Brazil was able to pull off this spectacular cleaning performance through the hard work and dedication of Jani-King International, local regional office personnel, franchise owners and their workers.  Jani-King’s previous success in cleaning at the Pan-Am games and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil certainly produced an effective plan for efficient cleaning and management of the 2016 Olympic Games.  Congratulations to Jani-King of Brazil for your gold medal performance in Rio!snip_20160825150023

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