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Small Business Ownership

small-business-owner-traits-infographicYou’ve never owned a business before, but you have spent many hours dedicating your time to working for someone else – often putting in long hours, making tough decisions, and managing clients as well as co-workers … you, my friend, are a manager.  A person who has demonstrated that they are trustworthy and valuable to the business.  As a manager, you are probably compensated fairly well as your employer knows that you are one of their best assets, but you are still an employee making an hourly wage or salary.
Maybe it is time to consider taking control and being your own boss, since many of the tasks that you are currently doing to benefit your employer could be benefiting you in an abundance of ways (e.g. tax liabilities, personal growth, financial independence, etc.).

Maybe you’ve never considered yourself an entrepreneur, or maybe you have thought about it and wondered if it was something that you could be successful at, so let’s look at some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur:

  • Comfortable taking risks and making tough decisions
  • Self-motivated
  • Willing and able to put in long hours
  • Make decisions independently
  • Persuasive – can recruit others to both catch & believe in their vision, goals, products, & decisions
  • A good negotiator
  • Flexible – able to change course and adapt to unexpected changes when necessary
  • Creative
  • Knowledgeable about the field, industry, or endeavor they enter
  • Has cultivated a support network of business mentors and peers

Does this sound like you, but not sure of where to start?
Franchise opportunities, like Jani-King, offer a proven plan to help small business entrepreneurs succeed in the marketplace.  The relatively low cost of entry without the burden of building out a retail establishment allows for an entrepreneur with a small budget to enter business ownership.  Building a business through Jani-King gives you access to a team of people with your best interest in mind and a resource to draw upon, be in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

For janitorial franchise opportunities, please contact your local Regional Office: Jani-King of Baltimore

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