JANI-KING: Forty Years of Customer Satisfaction

Jani-King has been providing excellent customer satisfaction for 40 years.
Jani-King has been providing excellent customer satisfaction for 40 years.

Over the last 40 years, Jani-King has grown to 120 offices, making it the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company. Despite their growth, Jani-King never loses sight of how they became the “King of Clean”. Mastering every aspect of the industry, Jani-King attributes much of the success to their hard working employees and loyal clients.


By giving every member of their business the resources they need to meet and exceed individual goals, Jani-King has created a cooperative, enthusiastic and successful atmosphere that clients love to be a part of. This helps them fulfill their mission, which is set on providing customers a level of service that exceeds industry standards.


Fully equipped and trained to work in environments of all types, expert cleaning crews provide janitorial services fit for unique business needs. Using eco-friendly products and a well-respected double check system, Jani-King offers the services every business needs to maintain a respectable environment – for both employees and clients.

I am pleased with the service that we are receiving from Jani-King. The cleaning crew is professional, respectful and responsible. – Lisa A., Bright Horizons

To learn more about customer satisfaction, contact Jani-King directly or send a note before leaving the website.

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