Did Your Hear That? New National Account Being Rolled-Out

Jani-King’s National Accounts division has just signed a 300 location customer to its roster. The new agreement with Connect Hearing will include the roll-out in multiple phases due to the expansiveness of the contract.

connect_hearing-300x200“Phase one roll-out for the Texas market, which includes 51 locations, begins on July 11,” said Al Patino, Director of National Accounts at Jani-King corporate. “The remaining locations will be started in phases yet to be determined by the customer. In total, Connect Hearing has over 300 locations nationwide.”

Headquartered in the Chicago area, Connect Hearing is a fast growing division of Sonova, the world’s leading provider of innovative hearing healthcare solutions. In 2014, close to 50 national hearing companies, including Newport Audiology and Jones Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers, were incorporated under the Connect Hearing name.

Jani-King’s agreement with Connect Hearing includes general cleaning at each location as it is rolled-out. Each clinic averages around 3,000 to 3,500 square feet. Jani-King’s National Accounts division will contact regional offices when a clinic in their territory is approved for transition by Connect Hearing. In the meantime, we are excited for this opportunity to serve this company, its employees, and customers – and look forward to the future together!

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