How much does commercial cleaning cost?

how-much-does-commercial-cleaning-cost-768x605Tired of a dirty office but not sure you’ve got the budget for professional cleaning services? First, you need to know just how much commercial cleaning costs. While many factors determine the final price, here are a few tips to help you choose the right commercial cleaning company:

  1. What are the most important areas of your building? Restrooms? Kitchen area? Floors?
    While these are typically the most common areas to clean, let the cleaning company know of any specific areas or floor types that you are currently having trouble keeping clean.  A good cleaning company should have an answer for you on the first visit and be able to give you a bid for those areas.
  2. Going with the cheapest cost for cleaning isn’t necessarily a good idea. The mom and pop cleaning company down the street may not use new equipment or quality chemicals, which means you’re not going to get what you pay for – no matter what.
    Dirty, old mops and equipment can spread dirt around. Find a company that uses microfiber cloths and mops and you’ll be able to see the results.
  3. Competitive bidding for your business is a good thing, but dive into the details. Labor rates and square footage may be one thing, but being insured, bonded, and supported by a local office is highly important. Make sure the company you choose can cover the costs of broken or damaged windows, equipment, or flooring. It’s not likely to happen, but cleaning is a manual task and, for example, pressing too hard on a window while cleaning it can create an issue. A good company will have the insurance and processes in place to take care of these things.
  4. Determine if you need daily or weekly cleaning. Restrooms, high-touch areas, and trash are typically daily cleaning tasks, but cleaning tile or marble floors may be best suited to tackle weekly or even monthly depending on the area.  When getting a bid from a cleaning company like Jani-King, walk with them through your facility and determine just how often certain areas need to be cleaned.

    While there’s not one answer for how much commercial cleaning costs, there are ways to determine if you’re getting the best service for a competitive price.  And remember, it’s proven every day, you get what you pay for.

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