A Vacuum, a Carpet, and a Successful Janitorial Franchise

snip_20160919123414There’s an old saying that says: when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
Wishing to take destiny into their own hands, many employees are leaving the uncertainty of the Corporate World to start their own janitorial franchise.
Like taxes and sunshine, companies will always need a janitorial service to help keep their offices pristine and beautiful. And nowhere is this more evident than in the office carpets.

There are three steps to maintaining clean, great looking carpets: vacuum frequently, clean up spills promptly, and once a year hire a professional carpet cleaning company that specializes in steam/hot water extraction to clean the carpets. Knowing this is the secret to having a successful janitorial franchise.

Vacuum Frequently

carpet-cleaning-jani-kingDirt dulls a carpet’s surface and causes matting. Dirt comes in a variety of causes: air pollution, toxic outdoor vapors such as new asphalt and car exhaust, and the most common – on the bottom of everyone’s shoes. Walking on dirty carpet works dirt and dust deep into carpet fibers. Once there, not only does dirt become more difficult to remove, it can actually damage the carpet.

The best weapon in the janitorial franchise war against dirt is a really good vacuum cleaner, one that adjusts to carpet or rug height and has gentle yet strong suction power. Less expensive vacuums pick up surface dirt but nothing deeper, and can actually contribute to dulling down and aging a carpet.

When vacuuming, use the suction setting best for the carpet or rug in question and adjust the vacuum brushes to the correct height. Start vacuuming from the center and work your way toward the edge. Vacuum with the pile grain to remove surface dirt and against the grain to remove deeper, embedded particles. To finish, if you’re vacuuming a rug, vacuum under the edges to pick up dirt that might have slipped underneath during the process.

Another way to tame dirt and dust in a janitorial franchise situation is to place door mats in high-traffic areas and entryways. Practical rubber mats and decorative indoor/outdoor mats reduce the amount of dirt and dust, and thus allergens that enter a building.

Clean-up Spills Quickly

In a janitorial franchise environment, spills are inevitable and must be cleaned-up quickly. The sooner a spill is removed, the less time it has to penetrate and leave a stain. To clean-up a spill, remove as much of it as possible by blotting. Use club soda to saturate the area, and then blot and dry as much as possible.

Always blot from the outer edge toward the center to prevent spreading. Never scrub or rub, as this actually works the spill deeper into the carpet fibers. For stains you can’t remove, call in a professional carpet cleaning company as part of your janitorial franchise service.

Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

In the life of every carpet or rug there comes a time for a good, professional carpet cleaning. For most carpets, this is once every 12 months, more often in high-traffic areas or for lighter colored carpets or in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty. When considering a professional carpet cleaning service, look for a company that uses steam/hot water extraction only.

Beautiful carpets beautifully maintained are a joy to behold, and with proper care can remain a thing of beauty for us to enjoy for many years to come.

To learn more about our franchise opportunity, or to hire our services for your carpets and offices – contact your local Regional Office today: www.JaniKingOfOrlando.com

Jani-King Helps in Recovery After Devastating Flooding in Louisiana

1-1 Not since Hurricane Katrina have residents in Louisiana been impacted so powerfully by rising waters as they were last month. Over six days, flooding in Louisiana took its toll on the state, its businesses, and its people. Tens of thousands of homes were under water and the clean-up efforts
quickly began underway once the water started to recede.

In Hammond, LA, the Jani-King Gulf Coast support staff and two of their franchisees, along with their team of workers, started relief efforts by extracting water from Hammond High Magnet School.

4-169x300Jani-King franchise owners, Tony Monk and Carey Ourso, had crews of 30-50 people working around the clock to extract all the water that the school took on. Classroom by classroom, building by building, Jani-King crews extracted water, disinfected all affected areas, and took pictures and inventory of all school property touched by water.

Now, Jani-King Gulf Coast is turning their attention to other businesses in the community.  Crews and equipment are in place for those businesses that need help in this recovery.  For immediate recovery clean-up, call 225-273-5464.

Jani-King has long been established in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and throughout the Gulf Coast area from Lake Charles to Tallahassee.  When Hurricane Katrina and Rita devastated the area in 2005 and forced nearly every business and resident from New Orleans, Jani-King remained to help the city recover.  From its world headquarters in Dallas, Jani-King flew in supplies, generators, and more that was desperately needed for the clean-up along the Gulf Coast.  In New Orleans, Jani-King helped shovel mud out of buildings, they also did massive amounts of water extraction, mold remediation and general clean-up.  Jani-King was one of the leading contractors that helped New Orleans and other communities along the Gulf Coast 2-300x225recover from Hurricane Katrina and we are prepared to help with the latest flooding.

Call Jani-King’s local emergency response clean-up team at 225-273-5464.

How much does commercial cleaning cost?

how-much-does-commercial-cleaning-cost-768x605Tired of a dirty office but not sure you’ve got the budget for professional cleaning services? First, you need to know just how much commercial cleaning costs. While many factors determine the final price, here are a few tips to help you choose the right commercial cleaning company:

  1. What are the most important areas of your building? Restrooms? Kitchen area? Floors?
    While these are typically the most common areas to clean, let the cleaning company know of any specific areas or floor types that you are currently having trouble keeping clean.  A good cleaning company should have an answer for you on the first visit and be able to give you a bid for those areas.
  2. Going with the cheapest cost for cleaning isn’t necessarily a good idea. The mom and pop cleaning company down the street may not use new equipment or quality chemicals, which means you’re not going to get what you pay for – no matter what.
    Dirty, old mops and equipment can spread dirt around. Find a company that uses microfiber cloths and mops and you’ll be able to see the results.
  3. Competitive bidding for your business is a good thing, but dive into the details. Labor rates and square footage may be one thing, but being insured, bonded, and supported by a local office is highly important. Make sure the company you choose can cover the costs of broken or damaged windows, equipment, or flooring. It’s not likely to happen, but cleaning is a manual task and, for example, pressing too hard on a window while cleaning it can create an issue. A good company will have the insurance and processes in place to take care of these things.
  4. Determine if you need daily or weekly cleaning. Restrooms, high-touch areas, and trash are typically daily cleaning tasks, but cleaning tile or marble floors may be best suited to tackle weekly or even monthly depending on the area.  When getting a bid from a cleaning company like Jani-King, walk with them through your facility and determine just how often certain areas need to be cleaned.

    While there’s not one answer for how much commercial cleaning costs, there are ways to determine if you’re getting the best service for a competitive price.  And remember, it’s proven every day, you get what you pay for.

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