Siri, Find the Nearest Commercial Cleaning Company

siri-ios-7-1024x576-768x432With even the most robust search engine on the planet, the answer you get back may not necessarily be the answer you needed.
Just because Joe Schmo’s Cleaning Company is four blocks away, doesn’t make Joe the most qualified to clean your hospital or office building.
When searching for a commercial cleaning company, consider these important qualifications to ensure you are getting the best service, not just the closest:
~ Experience; Joe knows toilets, but does he know about infection control measures in a hospital or turn-down service in hotels?
What about high dusting of vents & how to clean marble floors?
While some of these may not fit your business, it’s still important to work with a company that has vast knowledge of cleaning so that they can take care of any cleaning challenge you need.
~ Tools; Joe’s wet mop & dirty water bucket are sure signs that he’s not the right guy for the job.
Cleaning technology has come a long way. Microfiber towels & mops not only help to do the job faster, but the technology behind them reduces chemical & water usage, making microfiber a better choice all-around.
~ Support; Joe’s one-man-band can only do so much.
A qualified commercial cleaning company will have measures in place to see that your business is supported at all times and the cleaning schedule is followed no matter what. Additionally, inspections and other quality control processes can be the difference between a complete, detailed cleaning and whatever Joe feels like cleaning.
~ Location; Joe’s house may be close, but does he even have an office?
Make sure that the cleaning company you call has a local support office, not just a local phone number. The support office is a sign of a professional business that has established itself in the community.
Here’s a link to a list of every local support office for Jani-King, one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the world.
There are plenty of commercial cleaning companies competing for your business. Just remember that the closest isn’t necessarily the best.

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