Complimentary Cleaning Estimates

snip_20160919121403Jani-King was established in 1969.
A company created to help business owners like you be able to keep first things first.

You have a business to run. Decisions to make daily to grow and improve your business and reach.
We are a company that partners with you to help you do just that: Run your business most effectively.

We provide complimentary commercial cleaning estimates. You schedule an appointment with one of our trained sales professionals who will walk your facility with you to learn your needs, areas of focus and importance, and create a customized free proposal to fit your company’s needs.

Your company’s brand has an image to uphold, including one of cleanliness – for both your customers and employees.
Let us help you better serve your customers and mission by handling the daily “mess” so you don’t have to.

To schedule your free quote, or simply gather more information – contact your local Regional Office today:

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