Complimentary Cleaning Estimates

snip_20160919121403Jani-King was established in 1969.
A company created to help business owners like you be able to keep first things first.

You have a business to run. Decisions to make daily to grow and improve your business and reach.
We are a company that partners with you to help you do just that: Run your business most effectively.

We provide complimentary commercial cleaning estimates. You schedule an appointment with one of our trained sales professionals who will walk your facility with you to learn your needs, areas of focus and importance, and create a customized free proposal to fit your company’s needs.

Your company’s brand has an image to uphold, including one of cleanliness – for both your customers and employees.
Let us help you better serve your customers and mission by handling the daily “mess” so you don’t have to.

To schedule your free quote, or simply gather more information – contact your local Regional Office today:

The Star Selects Jani-King

The new state-of-the-art facility in Frisco, Texas, and home to the Dallas Cowboys, The Star has partnered with Jani-King of Dallas! Blue Star Operations Services and Cowboys Football Club – The Star, have once again entrusted the care and cleaning of their facilities to ‘The King of Clean.’ We could not be more proud to be partnered with such an amazing organization!

Green Cleaning – Share the Love

green-cleaning-jani-king-300x200More facilities and professional cleaning companies are turning to green cleaning as a way to keep both parties healthy.  After all, whatever chemicals the cleaning company uses to safeguard your facility against dirt and germs is the same chemical that your employees are exposed to when they are in the office. So why not make sure that everyone shares a clean environment in which to work?

Green Cleaning is ultimately about reducing or even eliminating harmful chemicals. But it’s not just what’s sprayed on the counter or poured on the floor that makes a difference.  One way to cut the use of disinfectants and other cleaning products while improving performance is by using microfiber mops and cloths. Microfibers are able to attach themselves to the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles—ones that normal cloth fibers brush past. This makes them highly effective at gathering dirt and dust.  Flat-mop products are peeled off from a Velcro attachment (usually) and laundered when they become dirty rather than putting them back into the bucket as is done with conventional mops.  This practice makes the cleaning chemicals last longer because they are not poured down the drain whenever the mop bucket water becomes dirty.

When it comes to chemicals, proper dilution of products is an important component of safety, as some chemicals that pose little harm when diluted can be dangerous in their concentrated form.  When using chemicals, make sure to read and follow all directions on the labels. Another great green cleaning tip is to use metered dilution equipment rather than mixing cleaning chemicals by hand. The use of dilution equipment that measures and dispenses the correct amount of cleaning product minimizes the potential for cleaning staff and building occupants to become exposed to cleaning chemicals that are spilled or over-concentrated when hand-mixing is used.

Professional cleaning companies know the right equipment, chemicals, and procedures for executing a perfect green cleaning plan.  For Jani-King’s green cleaning program, we use non-toxic cleaning products certified by Green Seal.  Green Seal-certified products have fewer hazardous chemicals and an overall lower environmental impact.

Remember, because we share the same work-space, we’re all in this together. With Jani-King you can be sure that your green cleaning initiatives will be matched by our green cleaning practices.

Tangipahoa Parish Schools Open On-Time Thanks to Clean-Up Efforts

Recovery Update

snip_20160825145735Teachers and staff spent Monday morning being updated on the success of recovery efforts at Hammond High School. Tangipahoa Parish School Systems superintendent, Mark Kolwe, addressed the group in the Hammond High library, bringing together both school personnel and the contractors that did the clean-up work over the past week. The contractors included Jani-King Gulf Coast, Cotton Global Disaster Solutions and Frank Anzalone General Contractors.

All three companies are credited with working tirelessly around the clock so that all students, staff and faculty of Amite Westside Elementary School, Nesom Middle School and Hammond High Magnet School could return to their normal schedules today.

Jani-King of Baton Rouge franchisees serviced all three locations, providing post construction cleaning   services. Jani-King’s franchise owners and their teams worked every day since last Monday to disinfect all classrooms and buildings that had flood damage. They also worked with each teacher at each site to make sure that their classrooms were ready and in order for when classes started today. Over the coming weeks Jani-King franchise owners will be stripping and waxing all new vinyl composition tile in each building and performing a scrub and top coat to existing floors that were not needing of replacement.

Jani-King Gulf Coast would like to commend each and every person who has been involved with these projects that allowed all students, staff and faculty to have a safe environment in which to return. While recovery efforts continue throughout the hardest hit areas, Jani-King Gulf Coast, along with a team of contractors including Cotton Global Restoration and Frank Anzalone General Contractors, is in position to help other businesses when called upon.

If you are in need of assistance in getting your business, school, or government facility back and open please call our Baton Rouge office today at 225-273-5464. We can take care of everything from remediation, dehumidification, tear outs, construction, post construction cleaning, and resetting your facility back to the way it was pre-disaster.

Jani-King Encounters the Ark

The Ark Encounter opened earlier this month under a flood of media and guests, all excited to explore the largest timber frame structure in the world.
Jani-King, a global leader in commercial cleaning, was proud to be a key part of the launch by conducting post-construction clean-up of the entire theme park over the past several weeks.
jani-king-ark-cleaningArk Encounter features a full-size Noah’s Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible.
Spanning 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, this modern engineering marvel amazes visitors young and old.
Ark Encounter is situated in beautiful Williamstown, Kentucky, halfway between Cincinnati and Lexington. From the moment you turn the corner and the towering Ark comes into view, to the friendly animals in the zoo, to the jaw-dropping exhibits inside the Ark, guests will experience the pages of the Bible like never before.
In addition to top-to-bottom cleaning of the ark itself, Jani-King teams cleaned the 1,500 seat restaurant, all animal displays, parking lots, and more!
According to James Dixon, President for Jani-King of Cincinnati, Jani-King franchisees provided two shifts of 20-30 people per shift working daily. From detailed cleaning and scrubbing floors to cleaning up a flood, yes a flood (ruptured water line on the ark), Jani-King crews did an outstanding job preparing the Ark Encounter for its grand opening.
For more information on Ark Encounter, please visit their site at

Siri, Find the Nearest Commercial Cleaning Company

siri-ios-7-1024x576-768x432With even the most robust search engine on the planet, the answer you get back may not necessarily be the answer you needed.
Just because Joe Schmo’s Cleaning Company is four blocks away, doesn’t make Joe the most qualified to clean your hospital or office building.
When searching for a commercial cleaning company, consider these important qualifications to ensure you are getting the best service, not just the closest:
~ Experience; Joe knows toilets, but does he know about infection control measures in a hospital or turn-down service in hotels?
What about high dusting of vents & how to clean marble floors?
While some of these may not fit your business, it’s still important to work with a company that has vast knowledge of cleaning so that they can take care of any cleaning challenge you need.
~ Tools; Joe’s wet mop & dirty water bucket are sure signs that he’s not the right guy for the job.
Cleaning technology has come a long way. Microfiber towels & mops not only help to do the job faster, but the technology behind them reduces chemical & water usage, making microfiber a better choice all-around.
~ Support; Joe’s one-man-band can only do so much.
A qualified commercial cleaning company will have measures in place to see that your business is supported at all times and the cleaning schedule is followed no matter what. Additionally, inspections and other quality control processes can be the difference between a complete, detailed cleaning and whatever Joe feels like cleaning.
~ Location; Joe’s house may be close, but does he even have an office?
Make sure that the cleaning company you call has a local support office, not just a local phone number. The support office is a sign of a professional business that has established itself in the community.
Here’s a link to a list of every local support office for Jani-King, one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the world.
There are plenty of commercial cleaning companies competing for your business. Just remember that the closest isn’t necessarily the best.

Jani-King Supports Boy Scouts of America

Have you ever heard of a mission that you couldn’t help but stand behind and support?

For us, Boy Scouts of America is one of those organizations whose mission is so powerful – it just needs to be supported.

13407125_10153818445729403_8029015365143645989_nJani-King of Birmingham was honored to attend this year’s Scout’s Breakfast in support of the Greater Alabama Council, BSA.

Their mission is to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and, in other ways, to prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential.
The values they strive to instill are based on those found in the Scout Oath and Law:


On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
And to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
Mentally awake, and morally straight

|| Scout Motto||

Be prepared.

|| Scout Law ||

Kind Obedient

|| Scout Slogan ||

Do a Good Turn Daily.


Need someone(s) to support and something to stand behind?

We encourage you to join us in helping to equip & prepare young people for tomorrow by supporting this mission.

10 Best Franchise Opportunities of 2016

|| 10 Best Franchise Opportunities of 2016 ||

When deciding to become a business owner or expanding current investments, franchising offers a tried and true method.

Ranked #5 on this year’s list, we are proud to stand by the business opportunity we have offered for over 40 years.

Where service is our mission, and clean is our statement – we are honored to be recognized, and excited to partner with you in the near future!


Jani-King Partners with Daytona

Daytona_International_Speedway_logo.svg_ DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Daytona Int’l Speedway has announced a multi-year partnership with Jani-King, the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company.

As part of the partnership, Jani-King will serve as the Official Cleaning Company of Daytona Int’l Speedway and the Daytona 500.

The partnership enables Jani-King to be associated with the historic 2016 Daytona 500, the first to be held at the Speedway’s new motorsports stadium (as part of the DAYTONA Rising project). Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Jani-King and Daytona International Speedway announce a multi-year partnership

Through the partnership, Jani-King will receive brand exposure via sponsor signage at the “World Center of Racing” and the ability to use the DIS and event marks for promotional purposes. In addition, Jani-King will receive corporate hospitality opportunities for entertaining guests during Speedweeks.

“We are excited about developing this new partnership with Jani-King,” said Daytona Int’l Speedway President Joie Chitwood III. “The Daytona 500 in 2016 will be a historic event and Jani-King’s services will be critical as we welcome guests to experience the new motorsports stadium for the first time.”

“Daytona Int’l Speedway is an icon of the sports world and with the $400 million DAYTONA Rising redevelopment project, Jani-King is excited to have been selected as the Official Cleaning Company,” said Jerry Crawford, CEO & President of Jani-King Int’l. “We are proud of our reputation for providing the best cleaning program at many of the world’s finest stadiums, and we are ready for the opportunity to partner with Daytona Int’l Speedway to unveil their new facility and continue to keep it pristine throughout the year.”

JANI-KING: Forty Years of Customer Satisfaction

CSM_Customer_Satisfaction_MonitorOver the last 40 years, Jani-King has grown to 120 offices, making it the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company. Despite their growth, Jani-King never loses sight of how they became the “King of Clean”. Mastering every aspect of the industry, Jani-King attributes much of the success to their hard working employees and loyal clients.

By giving every member of their business the resources they need to meet and exceed individual goals, Jani-King has created a cooperative, enthusiastic and successful atmosphere that clients love to be a part of. This helps them fulfill their mission, which is set on providing customers a level of service that exceeds industry standards.

Fully equipped and trained to work in environments of all types, expert cleaning crews provide janitorial services fit for unique business needs. Using eco-friendly products and a well-respected double check system, Jani-King offers the services every business needs to maintain a respectable environment – for both employees and clients.

I am pleased with the service that we are receiving from Jani-King. The cleaning crew is professional, respectful and responsible. – Lisa A., Bright Horizons

To learn more about customer satisfaction, contact Jani-King directly or send a note before leaving the website.